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I guess, like many other woodworkers, a seed was planted by my grandfather. He made countless whirly-gigs, watcha-ma-call-its and thing-a-ma-bobs. Anywhere from kite reels to propeller rods that spun when you rubbed the stick, all hand made in his wood shop. Over the years that seed would grow and shrink.

After 25 years in the fire service, I found myself somewhat discontent and bored. Following my retirement, I found a love for gardening, nurtured by my wife Jody. While this new love developed, we began to build our backyard into our own retreat.

As room become an issue, we decided on containers to grow our bounty! But what container? Store bought ceramic? Plastic? Clay? Super expensive, pressure treated wood with chemicals?

So we thought we’ll build our own. Hence, Dirt Don’t Hurt Garden Company. All our planters are 100% Cypress with no chemicals. They’re naturally pest and rot resistant… and readily available.

We hope to not only build planters, but other garden related decor. So stop by often! Most of all… get outside, grow some food, grow some flowers and enjoy this awesome gift you’ve been given cause…

Dirt Don’t Hurt

You can check out our shop here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can send us an email directly to info @ dirtdonthurtgardencompany (dot) com or fill out our contact form on this page. We’re happy to answer ANY questions you have about our products.

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**Disclaimer – Every effort has been made to present true and reasonably accurate information. Each and every product is hand-made with the finest material available. On occasion measurements and building techniques may vary and actual measurements may be slightly altered.

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